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We at Triamp Technology are ready to face these challenges and are convinced that our technical expertise and efficient production process can bring you top quality products and services, and on-time delivery.

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Triamp's highly qualified and capable engineering team enables the company to provide excellent ODM/OEM services to help your company developing and manufacturing highly advanced and price competitive handsfree car kits that can be equipped with multimedia and GPS functions to differentiate your products from your competitors.

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Sensor +

The SENSOR+ is a high performance and low power consumption modular solution designed for your smart sensoring device projects. At the core of SENSOR+ is a highly accurate calculating algorithm developed by our engineering team. Combining Heart Rate Sensor, G Sensor, UV Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Alcohol Sensor, Bluetooth Lower Energy, and Optional Design Service to provide a complete package for your product development needs.

About Us

Triamp Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of Bluetooth Smart Devices, IoT Devices, In-Car Bluetooth Communication and Music adaptor products based in Taipei, Taiwan. We specialize in the BLE App development, hardware research, design, development and manufacturing for innovative & quality BLE & Bluetooth devices for customers worldwide today.


Triamp Technology Ltd. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan.
Our car chargers are available for all mobile phones and sold worldwide.


Based on our in-house design and manufacturing skill, we launched our all-in-one plug-and-play holders.


Unveiled a series of hands-free car kits.


Launched a Bluetooth hands-free car kits.


Established the brand of ViseeO.
One of the first companies in the world to introduce wireless music handsfree car kit with phonebook sync capability.
ViseeO made CK series as the first Bluetooth music hands-free car kits that can play phone music via Bluetooth.


The only company to upgrade in-car hands-free system for the Mercedes produced between 1999 and 2004. Introduced world’s first plug and play Bluetooth upgrade solution for Mercedes D2B vehicles.


We are the only third-party company that provides Bluetooth module solution for Mercedes produced after 2004. And our Bluetooth solution is more popular than Mercedes.


Developed highly advanced LDWS and FCWS collision avoidance system.

Developed highly advanced LDWS and FCWS collision avoidance system.


Established Shanghai office to manage China market.


Unveiled the Tune2Air wireless music adaptor for in-Car iPod integration which works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.


Introducing world’s first wireless solution for in-car iPod system which can display iTune list & control music.

Introduce ViseeO’s first high quality Bluetooth music earbuds with handsfree function and an ultra portable with heavy bass Bluetooth music speaker for mobile phones.


Established Shenzhen branch to achieve high-quality product manufacturing.


Introducing high performance sensor solution including heart rate, G, UV, pressure, and alcohol for smart sensing application such as smart band, personal health dongle.


All brand new IoT products for home and personal use.

Our Brand ViseeO

ViseeO is established by Triamp Technology in 2006 in Taipei is one of the leading in-car Bluetooth technology company in the world. ViseeO introduced one of the world’s very first wireless Bluetooth handsfree car kit in 2006. In following year ViseeO launched the world’s only Bluetooth upgrade solution for Mercedes vehicles that are equipped with D2B head units (with Nokia cradle). In 2008 ViseeO has introduced yet another best Bluetooth handsfree upgrade solutions found on the market for Mercedes vehicles with UHI system. In the next two years, ViseeO dedicated itself to bring out the new Bluetooth hands-free solutions for Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche vehicles and equipping these cars not only with handsfree functions but also wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. Today, ViseeO continues to leverage its core competence in the wireless Bluetooth technological know-how into high-end personal electronic accessories such as Bluetooth music earphone and wireless Bluetooth speakers.

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